U.S. ruining its stature China says

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Posted on Tue, Nov. 02, 2004

U.S. ruining its stature China says

China criticized President Bush, saying Washington sought to 'rule over the whole world' and had ruined the global antiterrorism coalition with the Iraq war.


Knight Ridder News Service

BEIJING - The Bush administration has embraced a ''catastrophic'' go-it-alone strategy in world affairs that may topple the United States from global dominance, China said Monday in an unusual official commentary.

China's leaders have been widely believed to favor President Bush's reelection because ties between the countries have improved in the past four years. But the attack cast doubt on that belief.

Qian Qichen, a former vice premier who is one of the architects of China's foreign policy, wrote the commentary. It appeared on the websites of the English-language newspaper China Daily and the Communist Party's People's Daily.

Qian argued that Bush's unilateral antiterrorism policies had made the United States more unpopular around the globe than at any time in decades.

'The philosophy of the `Bush doctrine' is in essence force. It advocates the United States should rule over the whole world with overwhelming force, military force in particular,'' Qian wrote.

He argued that the U.S. policy of preemptive force would bring about 'absolute insecurity of the `American Empire' and its demise because of expansion it cannot cope with.''

The Bush administration is ''practicing the same catastrophic strategy applied by former empires in history,'' Qian said.

The U.S.-led attack on Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein's regime unsettled the Muslim world and presented Washington with a ''Pandora's box'' of ethnic and religious conflict in the Middle East, Qian wrote.

The war also destroyed the antiterrorism coalition and helped the al Qaeda terrorist network recruit followers, he added.

''The current U.S. predicament in Iraq serves as another example that when a country's superiority psychology inflates beyond its real capability, a lot of trouble can be caused,'' Qian said.

``But the troubles and disasters the United States has met do not stem from the threats by others, but from its own cocksureness and arrogance.''

The commentary was unusual because China traditionally doesn't comment on U.S. candidates before presidential elections.

The commentary didn't mention Sen. John Kerry, Bush's opponent.

China's press is so tightly controlled that such a commentary couldn't appear if it didn't reflect the beliefs of the senior leadership. As a former foreign minister, Qian helped China break out of isolation after the 1989 massacre at Tiananmen Square.

China has offered quiet support for the U.S.-led global war on terrorism, using the campaign to shield criticism of its efforts to crush dissent among the Muslim Uighur minority in its far west. But China joined France, Germany and Russia in opposing the war on Iraq.
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