Kashgar Prefecture

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Kashgar Prefecture, 141,600 kilometers in total area, lies between latitude 350 to 408 north and longitude 730 to 797 east in the southern part of Xinjiang. The city of Kashgar, a place of strategic importance in south Xinjiang, has an area of 15 square kilometers with an average elevation of 1289.5 meters. The city is located between latitude 395 to 295 north and longitude 756 to 764 east and lies 1,473 kilometers from the city of Urumqi. There are 11 Counties and Kashgar city under its jurisdiction.

City, Counties Context
◆ Kashgar City
◆ Shule County
◆ Shufu County
◆ Peyziwat County
◆ Yopurga County
◆ Yengisar County
◆ Maralbishi County
◆ Mekit County
◆ Yarkent County
◆ Poskam County
◆ Kagilik County
◆ Tashkurgan County
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